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Dillahunty vs D'Souza


Two philosophers, one stage, one goal: The eradication of bad ideas.  Atheist & Skeptic Matt Dillahunty recently shared the stage with Canadian author Jordan Peterson to talk God & religion in Toronto. Many believe that Matt got the better of that exchange, leaving Jordan "grasping at straws" & "mentally exhausted." Now Matt's sights are set on Dinesh D'Souza: Christian apologist, author, filmmaker, political commentator & number one fan of President Trump. D'Souza's new documentary "Death of a Nation" paints the Democratic Party with a grim brush, branding them with the full responsibility of some of the USA's most cringe worthy moments in history. This discussion will focus on God & Trump. This discussion will be unmoderated, toe to toe. 




Matt's recent conversation with Jordan Peterson:


This event will include a lengthy Q+A and a book signing.

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